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Reducing Risks and Gaining Control in Academic Storytelling

There was a nice piece by Cheryl Brumley in the London School of Economics Impact Blog this past week, “Academia and storytelling are not incompatable – how to reduce the risks and gain control of your research narrative.” Brumley, Multimedia Editor for the LSE Public Policy Group blogs, does a nice job of framing both side of the issue. From the post:

Mistakes made when communicating research to the wider world make one vulnerable to undue critique or worse, opprobrium. Why should anyone bother turning their research into a pithy narrative if the risks to their reputation are so great? Well, quite simply because it’s too risky not to. Silo-ing the great work that academics do within the hallowed, inherently exclusive institutions is a disservice to the public and also, to one’s own research. With the world of academia becoming increasingly digital, it is now more important than ever that these very different methods of communication, find a happy meeting place.

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